Today was a good day ..

donderdag 14 november 2013

.. for all fashionista's and Isabel Marant disciples. 

After I read the newsletter our Antwerp based H&M shop would open at 9 'o clock, I thought to myself .. why not check it out and see. If it's going to be tough, so be it, then I'll back out with my tail between my legs. 
A very long queue did not scare me off though and about 15 minutes later I entered the store. 
Staying true to my own style I found these fab black leather pants waiting for me in my size ! 
A frilly blouse and some accessories {bracelet, metal scarf and sailor hat} were still available ; upstairs I pulled the silver bomber jacket from a rack coming from the fitting-rooms.
I never do this but I did not try a single item. Hoping the leather pants would be the same size as trousers always are at H&M, I was out in 10 minutes ! 
Oh yeah, I even managed to grab a hooded sweater for my son on my way down the elevator  !

Back home, I tried it all on my in own personal space and have to say it all fitted perfectly ! Yay !
I can team everything with the Isabel Marant shoes I already own and my Susanna boots match the leather pants to perfection !

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did and got everything you longed for ..

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  1. I checked the website, but it was still unavailable, :(

    1. so sorry to hear this .. maybe check stores.sites again, as there is a 3 day return policy

  2. awesomeee blogg!!! new follower, follow me??

  3. love the outfit!

  4. Great pics :)
    Haven't bought anything of the collection :(

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.


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